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Butternut Squash + Sage Pasta

soooo i know i say that most of the recipes i post came out “AMAZING” but this one really, really, really did. so here’s the deal: it’s super simple, but the flavors are incredibly delicious. there isn’t really a “sauce”, but the garlic, oil and sage does enough.

here’s whats in it:

butternut squash



oilve oil

pine nuts

chili flakes


THATS IT. we added a small scoop of earth balance in the end (which the recipe didn’t call for) that gave it a nice touch. also, we sliced shiitake mushrooms and added these as well (again, not on the recipe.)

if you like butternut squash i HIGHLY recommend you make this. and the sage?! SO FUCKING GOOD.

click here for recipe.


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