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Hello world!

Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog.

So, who is this “Stephanie” character, you ask? I’m 24, I live in New York and I work in advertising. I’ve always been a foodie, but until very (VERY) recently I never considered myself to be, er, apt when it came to cooking. This blog will chronicle my adventures in the kitchen  – what I make, how I make it, and if it’s even edible.

I eat 100% vegetarian and, recently, mostly vegan. I’ll be cooking, baking, and inventing….and it will all be HERE.

What you won’t find here are “whys” or the “whos” of veganism or vegetarianism (but if you DO want more info, any of the blogs I’ve linked to on this site would be good places to start). I want this to be about and ONLY about the food. So…thanks for reading!

Questions? Comments? Applause? E-mail me:


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  1. Stephanie! This blog is amazing!!! Keep the posts coming!!! MMMM

    -Lauren D


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