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i made the MOST AMAZING vegan pizza tonight. i seriously blew myself away with how good this was. and, i didn’t even use a recipe! totally made the whole thing up. here’s what i used:

– trader joe’s whole wheat dough

– layer of marinara sauce

– spinach

– fresh basil leaves

– sauteed artichokes, zuchinni, onions and mushrooms in a ziploc bag with garlic powder, salt, pepper and olive oil. then added this to the pizza

– topped with more marinara

– drizzled pesto over pizza

– topped with meatless meatballs from TJs

notice this is an entirely cheese free pizza….we didn’t want to risk ruining it with grody vegan cheese. (note: i have yet to try daiya, but ever other vegan cheese i’ve tried i have NOT liked.)

popped in the oven for 30 minutes and VOILA. picture here is pizza number 1, of two. brian and i devoured both of them. they were INSANE.

we will def be making more pizza soon.


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