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Pumpkin Bread

i LOVE PUMPKIN. seriously! i love it in everything, with everything, always always always.

i made the pumpkin chocolate chip squares a few days ago for the potluck, and had some pumpkin leftover. i didn’t want to let it go to waste, so i searched for recipes to use it in and alas, came across this pumpkin bread recipe from, you guessed it, PPK.

this recipe is another really easy, idiot proof shindig. you basically throw everything into a large mixing bowl, put into two loaf pans, and 90 minutes later – voila – pumpkin bread!

the verdict? stuff was GOOD. really moist (thank you, coconut milk!) and i loved the addition of coconut flakes and toasted walnuts. the recipe also made A LOT of pumpkin bread (TWO LOAVES). mmmmm, if you’re in the mood for something pumpkin-y definitely make this! best part? it’s not TOO sweet (like the pumpkin chocolate chip squares, for example), so this would be perfect for breakfast, or even a snack.


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