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“Meatball Parm”

or at least, my version.

i make these a lot and when i’m STARVED and want something hearty, i usually go for these.

what you need:

meatless meatballs from trader joe’s (if you haven’t had these THEN YOU MUST RUN to tjs and get your hands on them. they are incredible. and at 120 calories for six of these things…well, it just doesn’t get much better than that. i use these in pasta, on pizza, on sandwiches…and they’re frozen (so they keep forever!)

tomato basil marinara sauce

daiya mozzarella cheese

bread of your choice. all i had handy was whole wheat slices but whole wheat ciabatta, or another “thicker” bread would also work perfectly.

what you do:

i put the frozen meatballs, cheese and sauce in a bowl, and warmed it up in the micro. while this was going on, i lightly toasted two pieces of whole wheat bread, and then plopped everything onto the bread.



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