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Cowboy Cookies

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i’ve been in search for a good vegan recipe for cookies. i’ve tried several and they’ve all been AWFUL. for one reason or another, making vegan breads/brownies is a piece of cake (pun intended)– they always come out great. but cookies? not so much.

tonight i tried making “cowboy cookies” from “vegan cookies  invade your cookie jar.” not only were they really easy to make, but they required minimal ingredients 99% of which i had at home (i had to go out and buy more sugar. not a big deal.) anyway THESE my friends, were good cookies.  chock full of oats, coconut, chocolate chips and toasted pecans they were sweet (but not too sweet) and they LOOK really pretty too! i was really happy with these – they’re my new “go to ” vegan” cookie.

as the recipe is from a book (and i can’t find an online version to like to) i’m not sure i can post the recipe. but if you’re dying to know it, leave a comment and i’ll give it to you :)


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  1. Okay, so I am completely and utterly dying to know.
    I had an old family friend that used to make Cowboy Cookies for me when I was little (non-vegan, of course) so this recipe would be sooo appreciated.

    • Hi Rachel! I tried e-mailing the recipe to you, but got a bounce back on your email address. Let me know if there’s another way to send it to you, and I will! Thanks for reading :)

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  3. May I please have this recipe? I just discovered your site tonight and am now obsessed! Thank you!

  4. I am a recent vegan–I’d love to have this recipe–love your blogs too :)


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