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A Vegan Passover….?

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So. I haven’t decided whether or not I’m going to be “keeping” Passover this year or not. I’ll admit, I’m not THE BEST of Jews…some years I keep, some years I don’t.  At first, I figured keeping Passover this year (while trying to eat as “veganly” as possible), would be a piece of cake. But then I got to thinking of the foods I eat the most – beans, tofu, pasta, whole grains….err, this might be tougher than I thought. Alas, how could I turn  my back on what appeared to be a true kitchen challenge? Cue: my second to none internet-ing skills.  I found a few recipe gems on the interwebs  and this week I’ll be whipping them up. So ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourselves for a LOT of vegetables, a LOT of tomato sauce and a LOT of sweet potato (doesn’t sound too bad, right?) Stay tuned, peeps.


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  1. what an idea! a vegan dish for different holidays.
    Passover, noche buena, valentines,fourth of july, st.pat”s, etc, etc. etc.


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