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Simple French Toast

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This was my first attempt at making vegan french toast, and it came out pretty well. There are a few changes I would make for next time (as you’ll see below) but I think that overall, this was a pretty solid take.

What You Need:

2 ripe bananas

3/4 cup soy milk

1 1/2 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp pumpkin spice

1 tsp vanilla

8 slices of bread

1 extra banana, sliced

cooking spray

What You Do:

In a food processor, blend everything on the above list (minus the extra banana, bread and spray, obviously). Heat a skillet on low/medium heat and add cooking spray. Dip the pieces of bread into the batter, wipe of excess batter with your finger, and then place them in the skillet. Flip after a minute or two, and make sure that the centers are cooked through. Top with fruit of choice (I used bananas in this case) and….The end!

The way I see it there are four  steps to proper french toast making:

1. The Bread selection/prep. For this iteration, I used pre sliced cinnamon raisin bread from the grocery store. While it came out tasty, next time I’m going to use sourdough bread…definitely something thicker and not so….wimpy. Also, I’ve read that leaving the bread out for a few days and letting it go stale makes for even better french toast. It lets the bread really soak up the batter. To imitate this, I popped the slices of bread into the oven and let them toast for a few minutes on each side. It worked!

2. The Batter. I was DEAD ON with the batter here. For real, if you’re looking for a yummy batter for french toast, look no more! USE THIS.

3. The cooking. I used a skillet and cooking spray. You can also use Earth Balance which I am SURE would taste delicious.

4. THE SYRUP! This one teensy little ingredients makes a huge difference in your final product. All we had on hand was Aunt Jemima stuff, which I’m slooooowly beginning to dislike. It’s pure corn syrup, I tell you! The only catch with the Pure Maple Syrup is that it’s so expensive. Even so, I think it’s something I just might have to splurge on from here on out. It makes everything taste 100x better.


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