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My Bookshelf: Skinny Bitch In The Kitch

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Alright, before I get into this post, I should make it very clear that I LOVE Skinny Bitch. I read it for the first time a few years ago, and while I totally “got” a lot of what they were saying, when I finished reading it I sort of flung it to the side never to be thought of again. Last year, when I was reading everything I could get my hands on about Veganism, our food, factory farming etc, I gave the book another read and this time it stuck. Rory and Kim are real, practical, to the point, and don’t bother boring you with too much research or statistics. It’s great. Really. If you haven’t read it, you should.

I figured, naturally, that if I liked Skinny Bitch then I would totally love their next book, Skinny Bitch In The Kitch, right? I wanted to love it. I REALLY did…

The Good:

The same no nonsense writing that I liked so much from the first book, sticks around for this version. There’s a super brief recap in the  beginning of the book on meat, dairy etc, and I appreciate that. Er….okay, I wish there was more “good” to this post, but unfortunately it’s time for:

The Not So Good:

I’m of the belief that with the saturation of Vegetarian and Vegan cookbooks out there, in order for any cookbook to be a true standout and earn a place in my heart forever, every recipe I make has to be good! I’m not saying they have to excellent/out of this world/earth shattering, but come on, they have to be GOOD.

I’ve made two recipes from this book and both have been “meh”s. Not that impressive of a track record, let me say. Makes me wonder if I want to bother with trying others…

I tried:

Macaroni and Four Cheeses: This was one of the first Vegan recipes I ever tried making and it called for not only a TON of Vegan cheese (this was pre Daiya days…so I suppose I should have known better) but a TON of nutritional yeast (something I hadn’t yet built up a taste for.) Needless to say, noodles + vegan cheese + nooch resulted in something that I literally could not take more than one bite of. (Seriously. No exaggerating!) Brian was kind enough to pretend to like it, for my sake, but after one bite, I pouted, pushed the plate away from me, crossed my arms over my chest like a five year old and resigned myself from this so called “Mac and Cheese.” I was heartbroken that I didn’t absolutely love it, because I wanted to! Sad. Sad Sad.

Spaghetti Squash, Greens, Raisins and Pine Nuts: This was one of those that was just “okay.” It has a slightly funky flavor (could have been the chipotle peppers in the adobo sauce) and I wasn’t a fan of the raisins in my pasta (too sweet, almost?) This didn’t taste exceptionally healthy, and….well, yeah. Not my favorite dish.

Enough with the rambling, already. Should I get it or not?

I haven’t given up hope on this one entirely. I’m going to give a dessert recipe a shot, (“Bitchtastic Brownies”, perhaps?) and then decide once and for all if me and this cookbook have run our course. Tear!

Anyone have any thoughts on Skinny in The Kitch? I can’t possibly be the only one out there that hasn’t been impressed with it thus far…right?! RIGHT?!


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  1. Hey! Hannah L. told me about your blog and since I just recently became vegan I have been looking at many vegan blogs and books. First, I love your blog and have made a few recipes. My favorites were the sweet potato and blackbean thing and the tempeh enchiladas, SO AMAZING, both of them. As for the skinny bitch in the kitch book, I loved SKinny Bitch, but hated the recipe book. Nothing looked exciting or yummy, it also didn’t help that there were no pictures. I am not a fan of their recipe book.
    But I am a fan of your blog!! Looking forward to trying more of the reciped you post.

    • Aw, cool! One of Hannah’s friends! Thanks so much for this comment – I’m so happy people are actually making these recipes and enjoying them :) Keep me posted on which other ones you try/how they come out, and phew, good thing someone agrees with my review on SBITK. Pretty unimpressive, right? Thanks for reading!


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