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My BookShelf: Vegan Brunch

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I’m so excited for this post, because I LOVE this book – Isa Chandra Moskowitz’s “Vegan Brunch”. It’s been my Sunday morning bible for the past few months and everything I’ve tried from it has been GREAT.

The Good

First of all, the book itself is PRETTY. I’m big on cookbooks that contain pictures – how am I supposed to make it if I don’t even know what it’s supposed to look like?! Lucky for me, this one not only has ’em, but has a ton of them and they’re all beautiful. (Yes, that’s right. I used the word “beautiful” to describe a picture in a breakfast cookbook. You try staring at a heaping plate of pumpkin french toast topped with powdered sugar and raspberries and tell me it’s not “beautiful.”)

The recipes in the book cover the classic well-known and loved brunch basics. They’re easy to follow, and (this is a big one for me) have a short ingredient list made up of simple ingredients – nothing that I have to run around the city to find. On a Sunday morning who has the energy to schlep (two blocks) to the grocery store for that weird, never been heard of mystery food? Not I.

So far I’ve tried (and loved):

Tofu Scramble

Banana flapjacks

Perfect Pancakes

The Bad:

Um….nothing?! Well, as I said, I’ve only tried a handful of the recipes, so who knows, perhaps there are some flops in the book (although I’m guessing not. Isa Chandra is the bomb, every cookbook I own of hers is fantastic.)

Enough with the rambling, already. Should I get it or not?

YES! If you’re anything like me and love pancakes, french toast, home fries and other greasy Sunday morning fare AND you’re on the hunt for an easy to follow cookbook, pick this up.

Anyone else..? Thoughts?


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