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Obsessed: Almond Butter

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Ah, almond butter. What would I do without you?! This is a staple in my refrigerator and I use it so often that it’s something I have to replenish every other week (if not more often). It’s surprisingly pricey (8, 9 dollars, maybe?) at a regular supermarket, so I usually pick mine up at TJs for about 5 dollars and it is ALWAYS the most expensive thing I buy (but always worth it!)

It comes in a variety of different ways….salty, crunchy, smooth, unsalted, etc. I always stick with the raw, crunchy, unsalted version. No added salt for me! I use it in countless ways. You can pretty much use it any way you would peanut butter, but here are some of the ways I use it:

– grilled almond butter and jelly sandwich

– on toast topped with banana slices

– in a smoothie (best. idea. ever.)

– in breakfast quinoa/oatmeal

– on apple slices

– straight out of the jar

When I was hardcore into running a few months ago (pre injury, boo!) my go-to pre running snack was either a spoonful of this stuff straight out of the jar, or I would slather it onto a piece of whole wheat toast. It kept me satisfied and gave me the fuel I needed for my running.

Don’t get me wrong — I love me some regular ole’ peanut butter and I happily enjoy both types (or any sort of nut butter, really) but there’s something about this stuff that I think I like better. If you’ve never tried it, you’re missing out. Splurge a little and pick some up!


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  1. Love it too! and, you’re one of the few people who already know the secret weapon of sticking it into a smoothie.

  2. If I had a penny for each time I came here… Amazing read!

  3. Mmmm I think I agree that almond butter goes nicely on many MANY different food items. I have yet to add it to my breakfast smoothie, but I think I may have to try this!

    Love your template doll ;)


  4. I am SO obsessed!! I didn’t check the price and bought Maranatha brand from Whole Foods and it was 19.99..oops. Next time I’ll have to find a less expensive one. I made a concoction with brown puffed rice, a little almond milk, almond butter and maple syrup and now I eat it every day it is soooo good.


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