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Classic Vanilla Cupcakes

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A few weeks ago two events occurred that led to the creation of these: 1. “Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World” arrived in the mail (!) AND 2. my friend Dara (lactose intolerant) was having a birthday party. Um, hello FATE. The perfect excuse to make cupcakes.

Seeing as this stroke of genius to make cupcakes didn’t hit me until 2 hours before her birthday party, I decided on the simplest recipe in the book (and the only recipe which I already had all the ingredients for): Golden Vanilla Cupcakes.

They were easy to make, baked quickly, and came out quite nicely. Moist, sweet, fluffy — perfect, really. I ended up making a chocolate ganache to top them off with, that was also deeelicious.

I’m going to be making these again soon and spicing them up a bit. But if you’re looking for a go-to vanilla cupcake, this is your girl.


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