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Dinner of Champions: Babycakes

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So okay, tonight was laziness at its finest. I had a work event tonight on the LES that went longer than I had expected. When I finally left, it was late, and although I had consumed a fair share of the passed snacks (veggie spring rolls for me!), I hadn’t eaten dinner. Even weirder than me missing a meal (that NEVER happens), is that I wasn’t even all that hungry! Strange indeed.  I walked out of the event to hail a cab (thanks, work!) and suddenly a light bulb went off in my head. What’s right around the corner?! Babycakes. Huh-freaking-zah.

On any normal day, I probably wouldn’t stop by the bakery….it’s far from where I live and quite out of the way from my normal every day activities, but I figured tonight since I was close, I might as well stop in. I grabbed two cupcakes: a vanilla spelt and a vanilla gluten free (for no other reason than to see what the difference was between the two, side by side). On the cab ride home, I wolfed one of them down and called it evens: there, that was dinner.

Note: I NEVER DO THIS! I’m uber good about having several balanced meals throughout the day, fruits and veggies galore, but it was so close, I was so tired, and I was so not hungry for leftovers…it would have been downright disrespectful to the Vegan gods above for me to pass this up. I came home, finished the crumbs with a glass of vanilla soymilk, and now I’m pooped.

Bed time!


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