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S’Mores + Brownies = YES.

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Warning: these are bad, bad, BAD (for you, of course.) They are filled with butter, sugar, and eggs. They are not light. They are not even remotely healthy. But, guys, they are SO ridiculously ridiculous. 

A few weeks ago I had a random craving for s’mores. (I swear! Ask any of my co workers. I had chocolate on my MIND.) Summer = s’smores? Or something? Who knows. The point is I had the itch. Normally, I would tend to this craving by making my own s’mores. What’s that you say? S’mores? In your apartment? Yep. It’s called a gas stove, a marshmallow, and a fork. Done and done. But I wanted something MORE. I wanted a baked good with s’mores somehow…in… So I got to browsing and decided on the New York Times Brownie + graham cracker crust + toasted marshmallows on top, from this recipe. The results were incredible. These were definitely best RIGHT out of the oven when the marshmallows were still oozing and burnt, but they were also preeeetty good (albeit messy) the next day.

Not something I’ll make often, but DEFINITELY a keeper!


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