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From The Archives: Rosemary Focaccia

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Remember when I told you guys that even though I wasn’t blogging, I was still taking pictures and saving them for a rainy day? Well the clouds have parted ladies and gentlemen because here comes the flow of new posts!

I remember bringing this into work, and people were SHOCKED that I made my own bread (because really, who makes their own bread? There’s an entire aisle in the grocery store dedicated to it. Made, sliced, packaged, so remind me why would you make your own, again?)  Well, I’ve made this loaf a few times, and each time I’m so happy I did. It is delicious. Yes — it’s a little time consuming (you have to let the dough rise twice), but it’s really, really easy to make, and delicious. I use it as sandwich bread and to pair with soups. It’s pretty hearty, and definitely filling, but it’s half whole wheat so it can’t be thaaaat bad, right?

If you’ve ever been curious about making bread, I would say definitely give this recipe a try. It’s easy and adaptable (kalamata olives, different herbs, different spices), so you can’t go wrong. Recipe from Veganomicon. 


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