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Italy in Photos

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Food photos, I mean. (You didn’t actually think we went sightseeing or anything, did you?)

Brian and I went to Italy in April. We were there for a week and, well, we ate a LOT. A lot of cheese, wine, bread, pizza, and coffee. In fact, I didn’t consume a SINGLE green the entire week, which is pretty rare for me. Not even a side dish! Anyway, my body paid me back, because by the end I was sick, and I NEVER get sick (knock on….coffee table.) Brian made a funny analogy, and compared my body (the insides, people) to a Ferrari. Runs smooth about 99% of the time, but if a tiny thing goes wrong, the whole thing shuts down. Oops. I was definitely shut down by the end of the trip, and in fact, as SOON as I got home did a 2 day cleanse to restore my body back to what it was pre Italy. Phew. Definitely did the trick. Anyway, enough complaining! The food was incredible. These are all pretty self explanatory, so enjoy!


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