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Young Coconuts

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Young thai coconuts, how do I love thee? I could write a novel. Instead, I’ll keep it to a short blog post, cool? Cool.

I first got hooked on fresh coconut water at Bonobos, the raw, vegetarian food joint in New York. I had never tasted anything so completely delicious in my entire LIFE. Now, coconut water is everywhere — Zico, VitaCoco….but, honestly? I’m not a fan. It tastes like salty cardboard (not that I’ve ever tasted cardboard butttt….) and nothing at all like real coconut water!

Anyway. Nothing does it for me like the real water, poured straight from a young coconut. I can usually depend on Organic Avenue, Liquiteria, Pure Food and Wine, Juice Generation or Bonobos for fresh, (albeit really, really expensive) coconut water and again, it tastes nothing like the stuff from the shelf. Promise.

Because I don’t love spending $9 on a 16oz bottle of the stuff, I’ve been getting my fix recently by buying the coconuts (you can find them at Whole Foods and some health food stores), slicing them at home, and enjoying a tall glass all for about 4 bucks (tip: keep the coconut in the fridge before slicing….that way it’ll be nice and cold when you’re ready to drink.)

Here we are cutting one open this morning. Note, you’ll definitely need a huge chef’s knife and someone strong to give it a few good whacks. I definitely would have sliced my hand off had I done this on my own (thanks, Bri!) After we drank the water from it, we scooped out the meat with a spoon and snacked on that. The BEST start to a Sunday morning.


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