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Eating Out: NYC

As often as I can (my wallet will allow), I try to take advantage of the vegetarian paradise that is dining out in NYC.

While some (not many) of the spots I’ve tried have been flops, a lot of  them have been awesome. The true test of any of these places is not only if I like it, but if my omnivorous boyfriend does as well. The following have passed the test! Perfect for vegans/vegetarians, but are sure to be enjoyable for meat eaters everywhere :)

And now, my favorites:

On the Cheap:

‘Snice – (Soho, West Village, Brooklyn) OHMYGOD. I literally love this place. I go out of my way (two subway rides) specifically for the tofu scramble, and its only six bucks! They also have yummy desserts (hazelnut bar, peanut butter and jelly brownie) and side salads. GE HERE.

Sacred Chow-  (West Village) great deal – 3 tapas for 15 bucks. Try the Spa Salad, Brussel Sprouts, and the Reuben. If you go for brunch, get the banana french toast and the gym smoothie.

Peacefood Cafe – (Upper West Side) – Wholesome  sandwiches, salads, juices, smoothies and baked goods — all vegan.  Try the steamed vegetable dumplings, mushroom panini and the fluffy quinoa salad. I order in from here at least twice a month.

Blossom Du Jour – (Chelsea and Cooper Square) – Tiny counter service-y place inside NYHR clubs.  Smocado Wrap has a bacon-y taste to it and is packed with avocado (!), and the Quinoa salad has the best tahini dressing I’ve ever had. Now THAT is an endorsement.

Mid Range:
Gobo – (UES, West Village) If you’re into straight up veggie dishes, try this place.

Jivamukti Cafe- (Union Sq) Relaxed, casual little cafe in Union Sq. A bit overpriced (14 bucks for a burrito? What the WHAT?!) but it’s all organic, fresh and tasty. Good desserts too!

Fancy Night Out:
Pure Food and Wine – (Union Sq)  Took my omni boyfriend here and he was BLOWN away. Try the tamales and their signature lasagna. Expensive, but for a special occasion, worth it.

Dirt Candy-  (East Village) Vegetable HEAVEN. What they do here with veggies is straight up insane.


Bonobos –  (Flatiron)  I don’t do raw too often, but when I do, I come here. GET THE COCONUT WATER. It will change your life. Also, the pates are delicious.


Babycakes – (LES) I can be picky when it comes to desserts, so (and this might upset some people) I’m not crazy about everything here, BUT the carrot cake cupcakes are divine.
Stogo – (East Village) Delicious coconut based gelato style ice cream. Try the salted caramel pecan.

Lula’s Sweet Apothecary – (East Village)  Dairy Free ice cream sundaes AND root bear floats –  everything is amazing.

Diner Food:
Curly’s Vegetarian Lunch – (14th st) Fries, massive burritos, and cheap.

Old School Vegetarian:
Angelica Kitchen – (East Village) Classic veggie fare, be sure to try the corn bread! Be warned: CASH ONLY!


Blossom Cafe-  (Upper West Side) Yummy smoothies and french toast.

Chennai Garden- (Murray Hill) While not 100% vegan, this place indicates which items on the menu contain dairy. Anything on the menu is really, really  good…and cheap!


Liquiteria – (East Village) Let’s ignore the fact that every bottle of juice is at least $9, shall we? Good. Try the grasshopper if you’re in the mood for something light and sweet (mint and pineapple) or All Greens with Lemon, Apple, Ginger if you want a green powerhouse.

Lite Delites – (Noho) This is my little (well…not anymore) gem. Cheapest juices around (3 bucks a pop) they have a ton of options, and not only do they do juice but they have REALLY cheap food as well.

Juice Generation – (Various locations) Try their coconut water, not a fan of their almond milk. Pretty good raw food on the go, too.

Blueprint Cleanse – (Whole Foods and online) – While you can order the cleanse online, I usually just pick up the single guys when I don’t have to time to make my own. Two words for you – cashew. milk. (Okay maybe make that five.  Pineapple. Apple. Mint.)

Anything I’m missing?


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  1. How about HanGawi – veggie Korean, and a wonderful experience! The rice stone bowls are great.( 12E 32nd street.

    • Hangawi is actually two blocks away from my apt! I’ve heard great things about it, but have never been…I might finally have to check it out. Thanks for the comment! :)

  2. Hola Stepharino…

    have you tried StoGo? It’s dessert only and usually has some BabyCakes fare, but also has some store-made things and fairly good ice cream. Not all of it is vegan but it might be worth a try!

    Keep up the amazing blog. Love the new layout. (And yes, I read this for recipes even though, even after reading Skinny Bitch, I can never foresee myself giving up animal products. Sorry.)

    • Note: when I said “fairly good” I didn’t mean it was meh.. I meant that I, being someone who consumes regular milk, still enjoyed it and it was an “aha” moment.

    • Hellloooo my dear :) umm, stogo = life. LOVE that place. I wish I had known about it during my Alumni days…although, now that I think about it, it was probably a good thing, seeing as I would have gained 20 lbs. Glad you like the blog :) Miss you! xxoo


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