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An Herb “Garden”

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Not the greatest picture, I’ll admit, but alas here it is! Our little herb “garden” aka plastic container attached to our window sill. Confessions: these were NOT grown from scratch! A few weeks ago, I suddenly wanted to grow my own herbs. Immediately. We went to a gardening store down the street, picked up a container, some soil, and then I went down to the farmer’s market and picked up already grown (don’t judge) sage, rosemary and basil. Came home, re-planted everything and sat  back to admire my (Brian’s) handiwork.

It’s been three weeks since we planted them and so far so good! I’ve used the herbs to make:

  • Rosemary baby potatoes
  • Roasted butternut squash with sage
  • Chopped basil for pasta
The best part about them (aside from knowing they’re fresh, organic, pesticide free, etc) is that I don’t have to worry about them going bad! Snip them when I need them, use, repeat. Plus, they’re surprisingly easy to take care of. I was thinking they’d have croaked by now, but nonetheless, they are standing strong. Lesson learned? GROW YOUR OWN HERBS!