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An Herb “Garden”

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Not the greatest picture, I’ll admit, but alas here it is! Our little herb “garden” aka plastic container attached to our window sill. Confessions: these were NOT grown from scratch! A few weeks ago, I suddenly wanted to grow my own herbs. Immediately. We went to a gardening store down the street, picked up a container, some soil, and then I went down to the farmer’s market and picked up already grown (don’t judge) sage, rosemary and basil. Came home, re-planted everything and sat  back to admire my (Brian’s) handiwork.

It’s been three weeks since we planted them and so far so good! I’ve used the herbs to make:

  • Rosemary baby potatoes
  • Roasted butternut squash with sage
  • Chopped basil for pasta
The best part about them (aside from knowing they’re fresh, organic, pesticide free, etc) is that I don’t have to worry about them going bad! Snip them when I need them, use, repeat. Plus, they’re surprisingly easy to take care of. I was thinking they’d have croaked by now, but nonetheless, they are standing strong. Lesson learned? GROW YOUR OWN HERBS!

A New Addition To The Family: Herbert

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Not much to say here except that:

  • I nabbed this thing at Trader Joe’s for a mere 2.99 (!). A box of basil from TJs costs about a dollar more — can someone explain THAT to me?!
  • I’ve been dying to grow my own herbs all season and now, I finally can!
  • I’ve had this for a week and have used basil in 80% of the meals I’ve made and it’s delicious.
  • After a week of basil consumption, Herbert’s stems are looking pretty barren. But thats okay! I water once a day, leave him in sufficient sunlight, and I have a feeling he’ll be back in shape in no time.

I’m hooked. Long gone are the days of packaged basil. If you’re one of those people that believes that adding basil to anything will make it tastes better (me, me, me) and you happen to be in a TJs or farmer’s market this weekend, pick a basil plant up. You won’t be disappointed!